Freemium Beyond Basics

Empowering Independent Dealers with

In a market where every penny counts, by AutoFintech is redefining value for independent dealers with our revolutionary freemium model. Inspired by the success stories of companies like Spotify, Dropbox, and LinkedIn, we’ve tailored a platform that offers more than just the essentials for free, ensuring every dealer has access to the tools they need to succeed.

The Foundation: Our Freemium Offering

AWS Startups isn't just a program; it's a catalyst for innovation. It offers tech startups the cloud infrastructure, learning resources, and support needed to kickstart and accelerate their growth. From hosting services to machine learning and analytics, AWS provides a comprehensive suite of tools that empower startups to build, scale, and refine their products and services without the heavy upfront costs typically associated with such advanced technology.

Auto Finance Technology: A Case Study in Success

Our freemium model is built with the understanding that independence in the motor trade should not mean a compromise on technology. We offer a robust suite of features at no cost, giving dealers the ability to manage leads, track inquiries, and engage with customers efficiently. Just like Mailchimp transformed email marketing and Evernote reimagined note-taking, by AutoFintech is reshaping the automotive sales landscape by providing a free core service that's rich with features and functionality.

The Extras: Paid Add-ons That Are Worth It

When you're ready to rev up your dealership's capabilities, our paid add-ons are there to take your business to the next level without breaking the bank. These optional features, including advanced communication tools and sophisticated automation capabilities, are designed to enhance your operations and can be trialled first, ensuring they deliver value to your dealership before you commit financially. We believe in proving our worth in pounds earned, not just promised.

Flexibility First: No Commitments, No Contracts

In the spirit of companies like Zapier and Hootsuite, which provide exceptional flexibility and control to their users, our platform allows dealers to upgrade or downgrade add-ons as needed. The power is in your hands; we don't believe in locking you into long-term commitments or contracts. Your business is dynamic, and your technology partner should be too.

Empowering Dealers, One Step at a Time

Just like Skype opened the world to communication without hefty phone bills, our mission is to ensure that every independent dealer has access to a world of possibilities. We're here to level the playing field, offering you the resources to compete with the 'big guys' without the premium price tag.

Looking Forward

Our freemium model is the start of a journey towards greater success, efficiency, and autonomy in your dealership's operations. With by AutoFintech, you get the tools you need, the support you deserve, and the freedom to grow at your own pace.

Join us and embrace the freedom of a platform built for dealers. Sign up for our waiting list today and be among the first to experience our dealer platform —where the best tools in dealership technology are accessible without a price tag. Welcome to smarter, more efficient dealership operations made possible by our freemium model, tailor-made for the ambitious independent dealer.

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