Embracing the Future

Early Access to our Revolutionary Platform


In an industry ripe for disruption, Auto Finance Technology stands at the forefront, championing a novel approach that is set to redefine automotive retail. We're thrilled to unveil an exclusive opportunity for dealers to gain early access to our platform—a suite of services that not only challenges the status quo but breaks it down, tool by tool. And here's the game-changer: access to our revolutionary tools comes without the burden of traditional SaaS subscription fees.

Why Offer Our Tools for Free?

At the core of Auto Finance Technology's ethos is a profound belief in levelling the playing field for independent dealers. The landscape of automotive sales is dotted with disparities, where access to advanced technology often correlates with the depth of one's pockets. We're here to disrupt this pattern. By offering our services without subscription fees, we empower dealers of all sizes with the tools to compete, thrive, and lead in a digital-first marketplace.

Key Highlights of Our Free Services

Our early access program is more than a sneak peek; it's a door to the future of automotive retail, where every dealer, regardless of size, has access to state-of-the-art tools designed to supercharge their operations:

  • Enquiry Hub: Navigate the maze of online inquiries with ease. Our platform consolidates leads from various marketplaces into a single, intuitive interface, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

  • Finance Accelerator CRM: Revolutionise the way you handle financing. Our system seamlessly connects dealers with a network of brokers or lenders, streamlining the approval process and enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Storefront - Swift, Streamlined Dealer Websites: Launch a professional, high-performing website at no cost. Our Storefront solution offers dealers a seamless, easily navigable online presence, optimising customer experience and inventory display without the complexity or cost of custom website design.

  • Vehicle Inventory Advertising: Elevate your inventory's visibility with targeted, smart AI-driven advertising. Our platform ensures your vehicles are seen by in-market buyers, maximising exposure and driving sales through precision-targeted ads across major platforms. This solution has no agency fees and operates on a complete pay-as-you-go basis.

The Advantage of Early Access

Early access to Auto Finance Technology isn't just about getting a head start; it's about joining a movement. As part of our community, you'll have the unique opportunity to influence the development of our platform, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the real-world needs of dealerships. Your feedback will be instrumental in refining our tools, making them even more powerful and user-friendly.

A Commitment to Inclusivity

Our decision to forego traditional SaaS fees is driven by a commitment to inclusivity and empowerment. We understand the challenges independent dealers face—constraints that are often exacerbated by costly technological solutions. By removing financial barriers, we open up a world of possibilities where every dealer can harness the power of advanced technology to grow their business and delight their customers.

Join Us on the Journey

The launch of our early access program marks a pivotal moment in automotive retail. It's an invitation to join a community of forward-thinking dealers ready to embrace the future. With Auto Finance Technology, you're not just adopting a new platform; you're taking a stand for a fairer, more inclusive industry.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your dealership with cutting-edge tools that cost you nothing but promise everything. Join our early access waiting list today, and let's drive towards a brighter, more equitable future for automotive retail together.

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